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The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton (Poetry and Plays in the Dark
Comedy Vein) - Published by, 2009. ISBN
9780557070138. Features 13 plays and 14 poems, including:
Spat!; Georgie Gets a Facelift; Attic; I'm Not Gay!; Abandoned;
Romance is Dead; In the Shadow of a War; Cold; You Trippin?;
Father and Son; Half-Wit; and many more

"This collection of short plays and poems are not only interesting in their own
right, but they provide a gold mine of possibilities for actors, teachers, and
directors seeking audition or workshop material. Lots of challenging and
different characters in interesting situations. A pleasure to read and to perform."
(Review on, 2014)
The Mother of God Visits Hell - Published by, 2009.
ISBN 9780557068609.
full-length poetic drama/comedy about the Virgin Mary. It is
written in iambic pentameter, and based on a poem described in
"The Brothers Karamazov" by F. Dostoyevsky, in which the
Virgin Mary travels to hell to comfort the souls in torment.
While there, she becomes so moved by their plight that she
pleads with God to forgive them. When he refuses, a war erupts
between Heaven and Hell, as the two forces battle over good and

Official Selection of the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2014
Semi-Finalist in the Princess Grace Playwriting Fellowship, 2014

"THE MOTHER OF GOD VISITS HELL" by Daniel Guyton... is tightly
structured with an amazing premise... The story captivates you, it has a premise
that is delectable to the nth degree." (What the Butler Saw theatre website, 2009)
Where's Julie? - Published by, 2009. ISBN
WHERE'S JULIE? is a full-length comedy
about a 15-year old runaway who contemplates abortion. It's
hilarious! Mature audiences only.

Winner of the Kennedy Center/ACTF New Play Award, 2001.
Winner of the Northwest Zone High School Drama Festival's Best
Production, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Sound
Awards in 2008 (BC, Canada).

"I'll never forget seeing WHERE'S JULIE?... The Nintendo plugged into
nothingness, the audience, the involvement of the Stage Crew and their Romeo
and Juliet, the Catholic guilt. It took me back to being a kid in the 80s in a
creepy, discomforting, and revelatory way." (Ryan Wilson, UGA, 2010)
I'm Not Gay! - Published by, 2009. ISBN
9780557092475. A dark satire on homophobia,
explores Gary's homophobic prejudices in one of the funniest
and most shocking comedies of all time. Revered and reviled
by critics across the globe, this play nearly caused someone to
choke to death on opening night in Iceland. Some say it was
from laughter. Others say it was the bile in the back of her
throat. Regardless, you'll never forget the experience as Gary
tries to prove how "not gay" he truly is. Mature audiences

Winner of the Best Comedy Award from the Author's Playhouse
New Author Festival in 2005.

"A brilliant play about all the hypocrisy about homosexualism (sic) and
people either loved it or hated it... just as it should be." (Gudmundur Ingi
Thorvaldsson, Theatre Loftkastalinn, 2005)
Attic - Published by Original Works Publishing, 2005. ATTIC is
a dark, poetic journey into the mind of an unstable young man
as he returns home to the family he once tried to destroy.
Written partially in verse, and partially in prose, in a style that
Edgar Allan Poe would approve of.

Winner of the Kennedy Center/ACTF Short Play Award; 2004.

"This is the most innovative, original play I've ever seen from a college
student." (Gary Garrison, executive director of the Dramatists Guild, 2004)

"Darkly funny and emotionally raw... Directing [ATTIC] was one of the
highlights of my theatrical career. This is a dark, yet moving play that can be
taken in many interesting directions by an intelligent and creative cast. It's
deep, with a lot of facets, so have fun with it! (Greg Campbell, Incumbo
Theatre Company, 2012)
Death of a Snowman - Published by Heuer Publishing, 2009. A
young girl and her snowman discuss the afterlife together in
this existential yuletide comedy.

Winner of the "Favorite of the Evening" Award, 2009
Semi-Finalist in the Play-Makers Spokane Hit & Run VII Festival,

"[Michael] Shelton and Amanda Lynn Meyer team up nicely in Death of a
Snowman, a poignant moment between a girl who has lost her mother and her
snowman, who explains the circle of life in the coolest way possible."
(Elizabeth Musgrave,, 2009)

"Best of the bunch is Daniel Guyton’s Death of a Snowman, in which actor
Michael Shelton gives the best performance I’ve seen from him (and I’ve seen
some fine ones) as a snowman discussing life and death with a young girl
(Amanda Lynn Meyer)." (Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal, 2009)
Desert Road's One Acts of Note 2008 - Published by Desert Road
Publishing, 2009. An anthology of one act plays from the West
Coast to the East Coast, including my play
FACELIFT, along with plays by Scott Brooks, Christine Emmert,
George Freek, David Miguel Estrada, Gerry Sheridan, Olivia
Arieti, Bill Mesce Jr, Carol Schlanger, Walter Dalton, Brendan
Andolsek Bradley, Jonson Kuhn & Ariel Marks.
Cherry Poppin' Plays 2009 - Published by Alive Theatre,
2009. The one-act plays in this collection were first performed as
part of Alive Theatre’s second annual Cherry Poppin’ Play
Festival. The six plays within this collection are as diverse as they
are wild, ranging from a modern Mystery Play written completely
in verse to a rock and roll quest through the desert to find the
world’s tallest volcano. Whatever you're looking for in a new play,
you'll probably find it here. But please don't ask about the bear.
Includes my play
with plays by Anthony Cretara, Jasper Oliver, David Lawson, Cort
Brinkerhoff, Aaron Von Geem, and Ryan McClary.
Quick and Painless Volume I - Published by Original Works
Publishing, 2005. An outstanding collection of 10 minute comedies
featuring my play
SPAT!, along with plays by Jay Hanagan, Greg
Vovos, Jeffrey B. Teitler, Mark Aloysius Kenneally, Jason Aaron
Goldberg, Edward J. Thomas, Matt Casarino, Daniele Nathanson,
Jacquelyn Floyd, Tony Foster, and Tom Swimm.
Best Student One-Acts Volume 7 - Published by Dramatic Publishing
Company, 2002. This collection presents the winners of the 2001
Kennedy Center / ACTF one-act play competition. It features my
WHERE'S JULIE?, along with plays by Diana Polatin, Betsy
Breitanbach, Brad Stoller, Michael O'Brien, Amy Lanasa, Todd
McCullough, and Jason D. Martin.
52 Monologues for Grown-Ups (And College Kids) - Published by, 2012. ISBN 9781105806155. A collection of funny,
dark, and disturbing monologues by Daniel Guyton. Perfect for
actors, students, and actors pretending to be students. Some
monologues may not be suitable for children under 17.

"This little gem will liven up your stable of monologues. They are different,
funny, twisted, and fresh. Be sure and read all of them... not just the ones
marked for women or men... make your own decision about which you can do.
As an older actor, I sometimes find it hard to find suitable monologues for me.
This little gem of a book will open up your choices in a delightful way."
(Margaret Thon, 2012)
How I Met Your Santa - Published by Heuer Publishing, 2012.
HOW I MET YOUR SANTA is a 10-Minute Christmas
monologue about how Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus first met, as
told from Mrs. Claus' perspective.

Winner of the "Favorite of the Evening" Award, 2011

"Rocking into the Gotta Go spotlight this week is Gayle Steigerwald in "HOW
I MET YOUR SANTA," the tale of [Mrs. Claus'] first meeting with Saint
Nick... It is no surprise that this piece earns the Gotta Go "favorite of the
evening" award... Guyton brings tender, real moments to the stage without
slipping down the too-much slope." (Elizabeth J Musgrave,, 2011)
Rebel Without a Claus - Published by Heuer Publishing, 2012. REBEL
is a 10-Minute Christmas play about how Mrs. Claus
almost married Arthur Claus, Santa's rebellious older brother.

"I absolutely love this piece... I truly think REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS is...
one of the strongest and most memorable shows of the evening." (Sylvia Veith,
Onstage Atlanta, 2011)

"Loved [REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS] at the Phoenix. So much fun, such a
hoot. And they really brought their A game - great actors, of course, but the
costume design was especially inspired. Great show!" (Eric Pfeffinger,
playwright, 2014)
Rosie, the Retired Rockette - Published by Heuer Publishing, 2012.
ROSIE, THE RETIRED ROCKETTE is a 10-Minute play about
86-year old Rosie, who lives in a nursing home, but still thinks
she's back in her fabulous Rockette days. When her family
comes to visit, chaos ensues.

"I love it. It's just a lovely piece of black humor, yet heartwarming, and real. It's
edgy, and sweet and funny... and a bit warped." (CJ Ehrlich, Playwrights' Binge,

"I saw your play in the Estrogenius Festival... It was GREAT! I took a friend of
mine and she also LOVED your play. So moving and also funny. We were both
in tears at the end." (Vanessa Shealy, Emerging Artists' Theatre, 2013)
InterJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature, Volume II
- Published by JAC Publishing, 2012. A collection of monologues,
including my one-man play PICTURES ON THE INTERNET. Also
features authors Rhea MacCallum, Martha Patterson, Arthur M
Jolly, Kevin Six, JulieAnn Charest Govang, Thomas Ferguson,
Michael Weems, Victor Bravo and many more.
Georgie Gets a Facelift - Published by Original Works Publishing,
2013. GEORGIE GETS A FACELIFT is a 10-Minute play about a
young man who tries to commit suicide, but an accidental murder
puts things in perspective. Very funny. Mature audiences only.

Finalist in the KC/ACTF 10-Minute Play Competition, 2003
Finalist in the Time to Strike Short Play Festival, 2012
Semi-Finalist in the Strawberry One-Act Festival, 2005

"Can suicide, serial murder and a [dead] girl scout be funny? Hell yeah, as
proven by Daniel Guyton's tarpit-dark comedy GEORGIE GETS A FACELIFT...
The beauty lies in the writing, which is snappy, succinct and original... The
opening scene in Georgie is comic gold, and the closing line... could not be more
perfect." (Mark Lowry, Theatre Jones, 2010)
Romance is Dead - Published by Original Works Publishing, 2013.
ROMANCE IS DEAD is a 10-Minute monologue about a medical
school examiner who sleeps with his cadavers. Very dark
comedy. Mature audiences only.

Semi-Finalist in the Spotlight On: One Person Play Competition,

"Extremely well-written and deplorably funny." (Geri Albrecht, Heuer
Publishing, 2007)

"I've read Dan's play and it's sick. And very, very good. I wish I'd written it."
(Mark Cornell, Playwrights' Binge, 2012)

"Thanks for writing such an awesome piece. I've had a great time with this role
and I haven't been this excited about an opening night in a long time. It's stuff
like this that made me fall in love with acting in the first place." (Charlie Pierce,
Third Eye Theatre, 2011)
Spat! - Published by Original Works Publishing, 2013. SPAT! is a
10-Minute comedy about a love triangle between a husband, a
wife, and an illegal immigrant. Very funny! Mature audiences

"Dan Guyton's SPAT! was the hit of the evening... I attended the evening of one
acts at Whitefire and SPAT! was a big hit. I was the main laugher. All of the
actors were very good and well cast and it was great to have just several hard
laughs... The main guy had hair that looked slightly better than a toupee which
helped in some strange way and the actor playing Paco delivering the line "JES"
just cracked up the whole house. I laughed right off the bat when he said I hate
you, I hate you more, you're a slut... I dunno, I like that s**t, man." (Michael
Erger, Playwrights Binge, 2013)
Monologues from The Last Frontier Theatre Conference: The Best
of the 2009-2012 Monologue Workshop - Published by Focus
Publishing, 2013. The book contains 64 monologues designed
specifically for use in the audition process. These monologues
were derived from the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, one of
the longest running theater conferences of its kind, held every
year in Valdez, Alaska from 2009 to 2012. Includes monologues
by Daniel Guyton, Barry Levine, Jennifer Williams, Kevin Six,
Nicholas Walker Herbert, Elena Hartwell, Ron Pullins, Erica
Silberman, Tom Moran, Eoin Carney, Joe Barnes, Jeanne
Beckwith and many more.
Daffodils - Published by, 2013. ISBN 9781300956822.
DAFFODILS is a 10-Minute play (drama) about a young man and
his fiance coming to grips with their tragic pasts, as they move
forward into their future together.

WINNER of the Best Female Monologue Award for
"Rain's Monologue", 2013

"I could hear Rain's voice and cadence so clearly that it was like re-living a
conversation I'd had or heard. I was in tears by the time I was half way through
it." (Maggie O'Brien, Columbus State Community College, 2013)
Mrs. Claus Gets Menopause - Published by ArtAge Publications,
MRS. CLAUS GETS MENOPAUSE is a 10-Minute play
about Mrs. Claus' biological "changes" on the night before
Christmas. To say this affects Santa's plans is an undestatement!

Semi-Finalist in the Minnesota Shorts Festival of Plays, 2012

"Daniel, that play was so much fun. The performers were great, and you wrote a
wonderful script." (Noah Fredericks, KYRS Radio, 2014)
Abandoned - Published by Prehensile Pencil Publications, 2013.
This is a poetry chapbook featuring four of my poems, including
"Abandoned", "Cold", "Unrelenting", and "Waking Up
Abandoned". All four are poems formed into various shapes that
resemble the content of the piece.
Hilarious Nightmares - Published by Next Stage Press, 2013. A
collection of 8 dark comedy one-acts, including
Georgie Gets a
Facelift, Spat!, Father and Son, I'm Not Gay!, and more! These
shows will terrify you, make you laugh, and might even make
you cry - all at the same time. Experience murderous
confessions, romances gone wrong, and dreadful deeds aplenty.
Find out why critics have called these plays "Tarpit-dark
comedy", "Delightfully perverse" and "Morally repugnant."
These dark comedies are sure to delight, offend, and most of all

"No one does wonderfully dark, disturbing, character driven shows like Daniel
Guyton." (Gene Kato, Next Stage Press, 2013)

"Looking for some good reads? Daniel Guyton has a wicked sense of humor and
a fearless approach to storytelling." (Jeff Marker, Circle Ensemble Theatre, 2013)
The Best American Short Plays 2012-13 - Published by Applause
Theatre & Cinema Books, 2014. ISBN  9781480361744. Features
my play THE GRIM RAPER, along with 19 other plays by authors
such as Lisa Soland, Gene Kato, John Patrick Bray, Andrea J
Onstad, Amber Leann Marcoon and more.
Best Contemporary Monologues for Men 18-35 - Published by
Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, 2014. ISBN 1480369616.
Features a monologue from GEORGIE GETS A FACELIFT, along
with 100 other monologues by authors such as Steven Adly Guirgis,
Craig Pospisil, Sherry Kramer, Y York, Adam Szymkowicz, Rich
Orloff, Adam Rapp, and more!
Best Contemporary Monologues for Women 18-35 - Published by
Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, 2014. ISBN 1480369624.
Features a monologue from my play THE SINS OF REBETHANY
CHASTAIN, along with 97 other monologues by authors such as
David Ives, Jane Martin, Don Nigro, Sherry Kramer, Adam Rapp,
Eric Coble, Nina Mansfield, and more!

"In the women’s book you’ll find monologues where you can play a Scottish lady
of the night in the 1820s, an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay, a sweet and ditzy
Southern belle accused of murder, or a samurai vampire (yes, really)." (Whitney
Morton Woodcock,
Portland Book Review, 2015)
The Best Men's Stage Monologues 2014 - Published by Smith &
Kraus, 2014. ISBN 1575258870. Features monologues from my
along with 107 other monologues by authors such as Terrence
McNally, Rich Orloff, Charles Busch, Adam Szymkowicz, Sherry
Kramer and more.
The Best Women's Stage Monologues 2014 - Published by Smith &
Kraus, 2014. ISBN 1575258889. Features monologues from my
play THE SINS OF REBETHANY CHASTAIN, along with 99 other
monologues by authors such as Terrence McNally, Theresa
Rebeck, Nina Mansfield, John Patrick Bray, Sherry Kramer,
Steve Yockey, Wayne Paul Mattingly, and more.
Talley O'Malley, the Unlucky Leprechaun (by Kate Guyton) -
Published by Heuer Publishing, 2014. TALLEY O'MALLEY, THE
UNLUCKY LEPRECHAUN is a 10-Minute play about a leprechaun
who is down on his luck.

"TALLEY rocked. Great characters, perfectly structured and very, very funny. It
was one of the best plays at the festival....The fact that [Kate]'s new at this just
blows me away." (Roxanna Guilford-Blake, GWTF, 2013)

"Kate Guyton’s script has a schematic quality to it, with Talley surrounded by bad
luck symbols at the start and receiving good luck charms at the end. Peg Thon’s
makeup and costume are terrific as Talley, as is her posture and Irish accent. Tori
Montgomery also brings believably leprechaun-like qualities to her role as Talley’
s wife." (Playgoer,, 2014)
InterJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature, Volume III
- Published by JAC Publishing, 2014. A collection of monologues,
including selections from my plays "Where's Julie?", "Milo &
Barbara", "Daffodils" and "Macabre-Cadabra". Also features
authors Rhea MacCallum, Martha Patterson, Lucy Wang, Michael
Walker, and many more.
Famous Last Words - Published by Dominion Publications, 2014.
ISBN 9781615882809. Features my play DEATH OF A
SNOWMAN, along with 11 other plays, by Patrick Gabridge, Toni
Wilson, Carolyn West, and more.
The Best American Short Plays 2013-14 - Published by Applause
Theatre & Cinema Books, 2015. ISBN 9781480395480. Features
my play DAFFODILS, along with 19 other plays by authors such
as Neil LaBute, John Guare, Caridad Svitch, and more.
Best Contemporary Monologues for Kids Ages 7-15 - Published by
Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, 2015. ISBN 1495011771.
Features a monologue from my play THE BOY WHO CRIED
WEREWOLF, along with 74 other monologues by authors such as
Don Nigro, Eric Coble, Cassandra Lewis, Martha Patterson,
Connie Schindewolf, and more!
Hate Male - Published by, 2015. ISBN 9781329219502.
HATE MALE is a 10-Minute monologue (drama) about an angry
young woman who has been arrested for murder. She tells a
prison guard why she did it.

Excerpt published in The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 2015
by Smith & Kraus, 2015

"HATE MALE... is not comic. It starts with a vitriolic, foul-mouthed diatribe
against an unseen guard on the other side of invisible bars. The woman has
suffered sexual abuse, and her behavior and language alternate between sweet
come-ons and hateful insults. The innocent-faced Ms. Smallwood, with a bruise
around her right eye, nails the character." (Playgoer,, 2015)