THE BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF - 5M,5F. One-Act (30 min), Things get wild
and hairy when a group of middle school students start to believe their teacher
is a werewolf! Chris is really spooked because he’s certain he saw a werewolf
in his neighborhood... wearing a bowling shirt! His pals don’t believe him at
first, but when their teacher walks in wearing the same shirt and looking a bit
worse for wear, the kids being to suspect Chris is right! Determined to
discover the truth, the young teens sneak into their teacher’s home, and just
as expected, the werewolf is there! Still... not all is as it seems. Full of
surprises and silly humor, this play will have your audience howling for more!

*Finalist in the Bergen County Academy's One-Act Festival in Hackensack,
NJ, 2017*
*Commissioned by the
Alliance Theatre in Atlanta GA, 2015*
*Excerpt published in
Best Contemporary Monologues for Kids 7-15 by Applause
Theatre & Cinema Books, 2015
*Excerpt published in
Audition Monologues for Young Men 2016 by Pioneer
Drama Service, 2016

"I really enjoyed THE BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF. Mrs. Henderson, in
particular, but all of the adults really, reflect the view children often have of adults
as arbitrary and nonsensical, but still powerful. I think this should be great fun in
production!" (Paul Donnelly, Working Title Playwrights, 2015)

"I thought your play was well-written and actually had something important to say
(always a good thing). I also enjoyed some of the subtle truths on display, such as
how adults are perceived by children. Nice job!" (David Burton, Brooklyn
Publishers, 2015)

"I read
THE BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF - it's hilarious! I can just picture
kids doing it.  Very good work!" (Martha Patterson, Playwright's Binge, 2015)

"Did you ever wonder if werewolves could be real? That’s the premise of the
Riversprings Middle School play,
by Daniel Guyton and produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama
Service of Denver, Colo. Chris (James Browne) is convinced he saw a werewolf
outside his bedroom window. Madison (Blythe Gouker) and Benny (Katherine
Teller) believe him wholeheartedly while Jacqueline (Maddie Gouker) thinks he is
just making excuses about why he did not do his homework. Natalie Hawthorne
(Natalie Whaley) - well, she has no idea what is going on! Throw in Detective
Karloff (Chris Parrish) working a missing-person case, Principal Lonnie Chaney
(Heather Watson) trying to take care of her students (while crushing on the
detective), and Natalie’s looney mother, Mrs. Hawthorne (Brooke Brannan),
obsessed with canned hams and seeing veterans, and you have all the ingredients
for a zany, full-moon adventure. To top it all off, the kids think their literature
teacher, Mr. Hemming (Mason Herron) might possibly be a werewolf! Lights,
sound and effects are expertly controlled by Scott Rossow and Emma Vaughn. The
behind-the-scenes stage crew, Ryan Crawford, Hali Hubbard and Savannah
Woellert keep the scenes changing while the players race for their lives from a cat-
eating werewolf (Natalie Thomas)." (Wilhelmina Morrison,
The Wakulla News,

"Your play sounds downright hilarious!" (Suzy Rose, fan, 2016)

"The kids love your play
well received. One gentleman in particular commented that it was the perfect
choice. My favorite part as a teacher/director; when they bow and then come off
the stage so pumped up. They were so excited! And proud! It was wonderful!"
(Mary Claire Klooster, Cornerstone Middle School, 2015)

"It's great Dan!! I loved it!!! I laughed out loud a couple of times. You have such
a knack for getting a character quickly and concisely and keeping it consistent
throughout the play. The story is a hoot! Loved the play on the names Karloff,
Chaney and Hawthorne... very clever!!! Kids will have a blast performing this..."
(Ali Skylar, playwright, 2016)

"Fantastic play." (Gail Everett-Smith, ActNet Studios, 2016)

"[Chris' monologue] starts intriguing and full of energy with 'I saw one last
night.' Saw what? Your audience will instantly be wondering. You'll engage your
senses (and your audience's senses), you'll hear howling. You'll see vividly what
looks like a dog. But then you'll feel a rush of fright as you realize it's standing on
its hind legs... and it's wearing a bowling shirt! Author Daniel Guyton in the first
three sentences of his monologue gives you a strong start right out of the gate.
Highly recommended." (Gabriel Davis,
Monologue Genie, 2016)

"The kids loved us. Many of them came up to me and told me I was their
favorite." (Johaira Contreras, actor, 2016)

--Produced by Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA, 2015
--Produced by
Cornerstone Middle School in Cumming, GA, 2015
--Published by
Pioneer Drama Service, 2016
--Produced by
Northumberland Players in Ontario, Canada, 2016
--Produced by
Wood Memorial Junior/Senior High School in Oakland City, IN, 2016
--Produced by
South Lakes High School in Reston, VA, 2016
--Produced by
Light of the World Dance Academy in Hialeah, FL, 2016
--Produced by
City of Oldsmar in Oldsmar, FL, 2016
--Produced by
Callaway Middle School in LaGrange, GA, 2016
--Produced by
Hooks Independent School District in Hooks, TX, 2016
--Produced by
Dan River High School in Ringgold, VA, 2016
--Produced by
Belmont High School in Belmont, MS, 2016
--Produced by
Thales Academy in Apex, NC, 2016
--Produced by
Riversprings Middle School in Crawfordville, FL, 2017
--Produced by
Aplington-Parkersburg High School in Parkersburg, IA, 2017
--Produced by
Weld County School District #6 in Greeley, CO, 2017
--Produced by
Baldwin Borough Public Library in Pittsburgh, PA, 2017
--Produced by
Southern Coffey County Middle School in Gridley, KS, 2017
--Produced by
Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston, TX, 2017
--Produced by
Knob Noster R-VIII Schools in Knob Noster, MO, 2017
--Produced by
Central Academy in Macon, MS, 2017
--Produced by
Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA, 2017
--Produced by
Martin County School District in Stuart, FL, 2017
--Produced by
Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Community Schools in Garner, IA, 2017
--Produced by
Homeschool in Springtown, TX, 2017
--Produced by
Meridian High School in Meridian, ID, 2017
--Produced by
Mt. Pleasant Community Schools in Mt. Pleasant, IA, 2017
--Produced by
Thorp School District in Thorp, WA, 2017
--Produced by
Cheatham Middle School in Ashland City, TN, 2017
--Produced by
Marin Preparatory School in San Francisco, CA, 2017
--Produced by
Riverview Charter School in Beaufort, SC, 2017
--Produced by
Dallas Independent Schools in Dallas, TX, 2017
--Produced by
Prairie Land Regional Division #25 in Alberta, Canada, 2017
--Produced by
Whiting High School in Whiting, IN, 2017
--Produced by
Audubon Board of Education in Audubon, NJ, 2017
--Produced by
Northeast Metro Independent School District in White Bear Lake, MN, 2017
--Produced by
Denver Public School in Denver, CO, 2018
--Produced by
Geneva Park District in Geneva, IL, 2018
--Produced by
Mundelein State School in Mundelein, IL, 2018
--Produced by
City of Kenner in Kenner, LA, 2018
--Produced by
Lake Worth Playhouse in Lake Worth, FL, 2018
--Produced by
Horry County Schools in Conway, SC, 2018
--Produced by
Bingham Academy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2018
--Produced by
Onion Man Productions in Chamblee, GA, 2018
--Produced by
Lionheart Theatre in Norcross, GA, 2018
  (44 Productions)

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